The need to preserve and conserve the environment has become a visible and important issue to individuals all over the world. Some feel that the spotlight on the environment may fade one day, others feel and work hard to keep it in the spotlight and keep the world caring and accountable.

As such, there is an environmentally project wherever you go. No matter what industry or line of work you are involved in- construction, energy, transport, medicine, agriculture, there is a way you can be involved in environmental projects in your daily routines.

Countries like New Zealand that are surrounded by bodies of water are particularly concerned about the rise in sea level that would result from continued global warming. Such countries have numerous institutions working to attain a safer and sustainable environment.

Such projects include small measures done locally like the encouragement of proper waste disposal and treatment, maintenance of forest cover by encouraging tree planting and controlled logging and lobbying for environmental legislation to guide the handling of industrial waste. These efforts also extend beyond the country’s borders especially in pushing for world cooperation in tackling climate change.

The Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand (ECO) is an umbrella body for over 50 groups involved in different activities across the country. The body gives the smaller groups the strength of numbers when pushing their initiatives by helping in issues like raising funds and engaging the government.

Environmental projects in New Zealand have had great success in tackling carbon monoxide levels. However, there remains a lot to be done in handling PM₁₀ and Nitrogen Oxide emissions. PM₁₀ levels rise especially in the winter when many homes use wood and coal for heating purposes. The problem is even greater in Auckland where road use contributes its fair share of PM₁₀.

No matter who you are, join an environmental project today!