Pest and Rodent Free – Possible?

New Zealand is riddled with rats and rodents which threaten various animal species in the area. New Zealand has vowed to be pest and rodent free by the year 2050; however, is this really possible? This statement was made public some two years back.

One cold morning, as the snow glistened on Mt Taranaki, the war was declared. Various leaders made a pact to eradicate stoats, possums, rats, rodents, and pests living within the vast 4500-hectare area surrounding the Taranaki National Park. This was just the first skirmish in a planned five-year war that would cost $47 million.

Cleared Out – How to Keep Them Out

The war against the pest would go from area to area, clearing out sections and eradicating the critters that live there. The big question was how would they keep them out? We all know that pests have a tendency to get into anything, and boy can they reproduce. There was no point going to these lengths and spending vast sums of money if infestation would once again occur in the coming months.

Traps, natural barriers, and the use of remote sensors would keep the conservationists on top of the situation. The sensors have the capacity to send remote signals to a smartphone each time a pest is eradicated and killed.

Taking Back New Zealand

This project, the largest of its kind in history, is the plight of New Zealand to take back their land, and save its precious wilderness from an almost impossible onset of enemies, predators that seek to feed on their natural wildlife and take from the country it’s natural heritage.

Time will tell whether the project will achieve the goals set out for eradicating pests from the country by 2050. What we do know is that New Zealanders are on a mission.