Pernod Ricard – Bringing Conservation Closer to Home

The employees of Pernod Ricard, some 18 500 of them, are making a concerted effort to bring conservation closer to home. The employees all over the world have taken it upon themselves to dedicate volunteer time to local community projects. They are expected to deliver on 148 000 hours and make a difference.

Pernod Ricard – New Zealand’s Contributions

The division of Pernod Ricard that has its home in New Zealand employs more than 400 people, and they have committed to support the community and the environment. They will be a part of restoration projects throughout the country. During this period the New Zealand waterways have been highlighted as an area of concern. 9 000 Native trees will be planted to preserve the area. The trees will assist in removing and eradicating waste from the oceans by acting as a filter of sorts.

There are many other projects already supported by the company which is intended to make a difference to the community and the environment within New Zealand. The restoration of the native wetland at the Stoneleigh Kaituna Vineyard in the Wairau Valley is one of these. This project aims at regenerating and restoring the natural habitats for wildlife native to New Zealand. These species include the longfin eel, the tui, and of course, the native foliage.


The efforts this year will be performed in collaboration with many local charities, Conservation Volunteers New Zealand, local councils, as well as the Department of Conservation. They will take part in projects across the country, and their voices will be heard. This is a country and a company who has taken environmental awareness to a personal level, and they are doing it for themselves, their country, and future generations. This makes for the most important aspect of any conservation project undertaken.