Creative Environmentalists, New Zealand, Leads the Way

Creative New Zealand and the Department of Conversation have created a framework where more and more New Zealand artists will find their inspiration through the natural environment present in New Zealand and the cultural heritage of the country.

Creative Conservation – New Zealand Has Coined The Phrase

The fusion of conservation and creativity offers support to artists who will find their inspiration through their experiences within the country, the places, the people, and the stories attached to New Zealand’s culture, heritage, and environment. Artists are not limited in the area in which they can express themselves; various niches are supported by Creative New Zealand.

The new improved artist-in-residence programme has developed and grown from the pilot programme which was offered during the period 2002 – 2012. The initial program was hugely successful and the interest given was considerable. The three applicants who were successful during the pilot period have gone on to create high-quality artwork inspired by their experiences in New Zealand.

Art Tells Stories

While the collaboration between these two institutes is aimed at drawing attention to both the creative and the cultural heritage of the country, it must be remembered that through art, stories are told and shared. Stories of New Zealand will be spread far and wide through the inspirational work of the artists who hail from the area. New Zealand is filled with a heritage that is widely unknown but as captivating as the somewhat strange wildlife. The Kiwi people are shy and reserved and leave a lot to the imagination; however, the time has arrived for them to take flight and show the world what they are made of. For too long New Zealander’s have remained in the shadows. There is so much rich history, heritage, art, and culture that they have to offer; it would be a shame to keep it under wraps.