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Rats and Rodents Threaten the Existence of the Toutouwai

Rats and rodents have threatened the Toutouwai population for years and the effects could have led to devastating results. In 1905 the bird was presumed extinct as sightings dwindled, the last being made in that same year.

Carbon Footprint Inevitable for Casino Resorts

The effects that daily operations of casino resorts have on the environment around them is considerably lower than that of many other types of industries; however, this doesn’t mean that they take the seriousness of the carbon

Be The Change: Increase Your Positive Contribution To Global Warming

The crisis of climate change and global warming poses a threat to people around the world and their home countries. In New Zealand, the issue is no different as the temperatures drop, the sea level rises, and

Windy Wairarapa

Wairarapa is the location of up to eleven wind farms which have developed over the years. Just a few short years ago, there was only one in the area, Hau Nui. While the development has grown, Hau

An Environmental Strategy By Sun International

Every business in operation today has some form of impact on the environment, regardless of how small it may be. Casinos may not have a huge impact; however, they are still taking responsibility for their part and

20-year Study shows Increase in Native Bird Numbers in New Zealand

A recent study in Landsborough Valley run by the Department of Conservation shows that the number of native birds in this part of New Zealand has doubled. The study has run for 20 years, examining the way

Pernod Ricard – Bringing Conservation Closer to Home

The employees of Pernod Ricard, some 18 500 of them, are making a concerted effort to bring conservation closer to home. The employees all over the world have taken it upon themselves to dedicate volunteer time to

Pest and Rodent Free – Possible?

New Zealand is riddled with rats and rodents which threaten various animal species in the area. New Zealand has vowed to be pest and rodent free by the year 2050; however, is this really possible? This statement

Casinos – Takers Of Money But They Give Back Too

Casinos do have an impact on the environment on a daily basis, however small they may be, but, the upside is that there are a number of environmental project sponsors among casinos. They don’t merely take without

Trending News about New Zealand Environmental Conservation

New Zealand is committed to environmental conservation to a fault. So much so that anyone who is not familiar with the concept of humans saving nature from humans’ transgressions might think it is an obsession. Every single