Casinos – Takers Of Money But They Give Back Too

Casinos do have an impact on the environment on a daily basis, however small they may be, but, the upside is that there are a number of environmental project sponsors among casinos. They don’t merely take without returning the favour. Casinos worldwide realize the plight of their communities, and their ability to make even the slightest difference. They offer incentives for Gaming Club App, financial assistance for projects geared at developing and improving environments and the community surrounding them.

Tsogo Sun South Africa

Tsogo Sun is a corporate casino group in South Africa with the financial backing and the voice to promote their environmental education initiatives. The corporations at Tsogo Sun are aware, as we all are, of the enormous impact climate change is having on the world and environments around us. Even though the impact they have directly on their surrounding environment is small, they have taken on the responsibility of addressing the areas where they impact the environment.

The group has taken on an initiative that is geared towards educating the community in which they are situated, was well as employees and guests, on how to live a greener existence for the good of the Earth and future generations.

Their initiative is focused on many critical areas, and includes energy, water, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, waste management, biodiversity, and environmental education. Through environmental education, they aim to uplift the community. They encourage the community to be responsible towards water, electricity usage and waste management.

Tsogo sun seeks to educate the community on reducing their carbon footprint by holding tree planting initiatives, providing information on food security, and the importance of maintaining and conserving the natural heritage of the area.

Not Just A Place To Unwind

While to many, casinos are merely a place to unwind and perhaps win some rewards playing slot machines or on the higher stakes tables, there is more to them than meets the eye.