Conservation Volunteers New Zealand has been working on a coastal restoration project at Atiu Creek Regional Park. A generous grant from Foundation North has provided the project with the means to go full-time. Some of the work that is being carried out there includes allowing teams to take on different projects each week and having volunteers on-site all the time, helping the public to learn more about the work that is being carried out.

The project has been able to open a plant nursery. Native plants are being raised from seeds that have been gathered in the park. It is hoped that when the nursery is fully operational, it will be home to more than 20,000 seedlings and allow the project to realise its long-term goal of planting a further two million native trees within the regional park.

This conservation project has also been able to team up and partner with other ecological projects in the region. These include environmental groups and farm owners who are working to restore their land to a more natural state. These projects are also working to improve water quality and biodiversity in the region.

The Atiu Creek restoration project is aiming to hold many special events to raise more awareness of the work that is being done here. In 2015 the project held a Corporate Tree Planting Challenge in aid of World Environment Day. It took less than two hours to plant around 600 trees and shrubs and this was achieved despite heavy rain. This event has been held each year since and has been a success each time.

The project still needs continuous support and volunteers are a major part of the success of the work. Those who are interested in volunteering should contact Conservation Volunteers New Zealand to find out more.