An Environmental Strategy By Sun International

Every business in operation today has some form of impact on the environment, regardless of how small it may be. Casinos may not have a huge impact; however, they are still taking responsibility for their part and finding ways to minimize their impact. Sun International may not fund any community projects, but they certainly do consider the preservation of the environment very seriously.

Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Sun International Casino Resorts have implemented a strategy at a corporate level that is in line with the ISO 14001 international environmental standards and they adhere to the policy in every area of their operation. To minimize their energy consumption, Sun International has implemented cost-effective and efficient technology into their daily operations. The technology or Lucky Nugget aims to manage their energy consumption and reduce their usage and the ultimate effects on the environment. They are committed to the responsible use of the available water supplies while still ensuring a continuous supply for their daily operations.

Sun International has realized that their carbon footprint is left through waste and have developed an initiative whereby waste is reused. Their zero waste to landfill resolution will undoubtedly reduce their footprint considerably. Greenhouse gas emissions are a grave concern for Sun International, and they are in the process of identifying projects that could reduce their carbon emissions significantly. Food plays a huge role in the functioning of Sun International Casino Resorts. They strive to support local produce from the surrounding communities, as well as make use of sustainable seafood as part of their menu offerings.

Going The Extra Mile Without Reducing Efficiency

Sun International Casino Resorts are an extraordinarily upmarket and popular choice for patrons; however, they have seen past the financial implications and have gone the extra mile towards creating an environment where their carbon footprint is a little less prevalent. In saying that, they have taken the steps towards ensuring that their standards remain as high as always.